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Woodlink Post Mount Squirrel Baffle - Green - 22 inch dia.
This baffle creates a protective barrier around your 4" x 4" post, by preventing squirrels from climbing up the post and pilfering your bird seed. The sturdy 22" diameter unit can doubl...
List Price: $51.42
You save $6.45
Price: $44.97
Woodlink Wood Duck Nestbox
This beautiful nest box is made in the USA from durable western red cedar and designed to Conservation Commission specifications. Oval Hole...
List Price: $88.88
You save $22.01
Price: $66.87
 Audubon 3-in-1 Platform Bird Feeder
Treat your backyard birds to their favorite seed with the incredibly versatile Audubon 3-in-1 Platform Bird Feeder. This feeder combines rustic beauty with unmatched practical function to feed a flock...
List Price: $34.28
You save $9.21
Price: $25.07
Audubon Seed Catch Tray
Helps to catch excess seed and reduce waste Tray comes with a unique adapter to fit all brands of tube feeders on the market Mounting hardware included Resists damage and UV rays Made from crystal cle...
List Price: $11.42
You save $2.63
Price: $8.79
Audubon Classic Hummingbird Feeder 12 oz.
Attract a variety of hummingbirds to your yard or garden with the Audubon Classic Hummingbird Feeder. With six feeding stations and a 12 ounce nectar capacity, this feeder will make your yard popular ...
List Price: $16.99
You save $4.00
Price: $12.99
 Audubon Classic Oriole Feeder 16 oz.
This is a new Oriole feeder from the Audubon line by Woodlink. A 12 ounce nectar feeder that is easy to fill and clean. An ant moat is built into the center to hold water and keep those...
List Price: $16.34
You save $3.15
Price: $13.19
Audubon Suet Cage Feeder
Holds 1 suet cake. Made from a powder coated heavy steel to withstand and endure the weather. Large looped handle makes for easy hanging. Easy open lid for filling the feeder and cleaning.
List Price: $3.44
You save $0.81
Price: $2.63
Audubon Thistle Sock Feeder For Finch Mix/Thistle Seed
Audubon Thistle Sock Feeder holds finch mixes and thistle seed. It is made of woven material with a cord and locking mechanism. Size: 3.5" x 0.15" x 6.5"
List Price: $3.44
You save $0.81
Price: $2.63
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