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MPN: H-4615
1500 Watt Floating Pond De-Icer Deicer for ponds- stock tanks- aquatic gardens by Farm Innovators
This floating de-icer keeps ponds and troughs free of ice when cold weather sets in. The ultimate stock tank or pond de-icer, this two-in-one unit converts from a floating de-icer to a submergible de-...
List Price: $64.99
You save $16.25
Price: $48.74
MPN: P-418
Floating Pond De-Icer Deicer 1250 Watt by Farm Innovators
This solidly-built, 7" diameter de-icer keeps an area 7-8" open and free from ice, so harmful gases can be safely released. Safe in all ponds - plastic, liner, or concrete. Thermostatically controlled...
List Price: $54.99
You save $13.75
Price: $41.24
MPN: PS-200
Heated Pond Saucer - 200 Watt Deicer by Farm Innovators
Heated Pond Saucer from Farm Innovators is an energy efficient de-icer that uses 200 watts of power to maintain...
List Price: $51.99
You save $13.00
Price: $38.99
MPN: TetraPond-26429
TetraPond Pond De-Icer 300 Watt
TetraPond water garden experts have developed its newest addition to its product line dedicated to the health of pond fish: the TetraPond De-Icer, a winter survival solution for fish.The TetraPond De-...
List Price: $55.76
You save $4.27
Price: $51.49
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