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MPN: 2300800/6265
Machete Corn Knife - Brush Cutter
Sharp, single-edge blade. Overall length 21-1/2 inches. 15 Inch Sharpened Tempered Steel Blade and A 6-1/2 Inch Hardwood Handle
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Price: $10.39
MPN: 1942600/6220
Ames Grass Whip  Weed Trimmer Cutter
Grass whip and weed cutter have double-edge serrated blades that cut both ways 9-1/2" x 1-1/2" blade - 38" overall length
List Price: $24.26
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Price: $22.19
Hound Dog Weed Hound Popper
The Hound Dog Weed Hound pulls weeds quickly and easily and gets the root out every time without chemicals! Leaves no divots or damaged turf but aerates soil for a healthy lawn. Works great in your g...
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Price: $29.99
Weed Cutter for cutting tall grass and weeds
WEED CUTTER. 14" x 2 1/2" serrated/beveled sharpened blade. 30" hardwood handle. Double-edged, serrated steel blade cuts on forward & return swing
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Ditch Bank Blade for cutting heavy brush along ditch
DITCH BANK BLADE. 16" sharpened, steel blade. 40" straight, Hickory handle.
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Price: $67.98