TetraPond Pond De-Icer 300 Watt

TetraPond Pond De-Icer 300 Watt
Manufacturer: Tetra (Pond)
MPN: TetraPond-26429
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TetraPond water garden experts have developed its newest addition to its product line dedicated to the health of pond fish: the TetraPond De-Icer, a winter survival solution for fish.

The TetraPond De-Icer is essential in helping fish survive the winter and stay healthy. Gases, which are produced by decomposing organic material, are toxic to fish when they are trapped beneath ice covering the pond’s surface. The TetraPond De-Icer keeps an area of the pond ice-free during the winter, allowing harmful gases to escape through the opening. In small ponds, the De-Icer is especially helpful in preventing ponds from freezing solid.  Floats in water. For fish safety, it is extremely important to never break ice on the pond because the shock waves can be detrimental, and sometimes fatal, to fish.

TetraPond De-Icer is durable, energy-efficient and easy to install. This energy-efficient model uses only 300 watts and is effective in temperatures as low as -20°F. It is powered with a thermostat that shuts the power off and restarts as needed for maximum efficiency. Its 15-foot electrical cable also provides an added convenience and flexibility for pond keepers.

“Winter can be stressful on a fish’s immune system. The TetraPond De-Icer alleviates stress during the winter, making it easier for them to withstand diseases that are more prevalent in the spring,” said Curt Nuenighoff, brand manager, TetraPond. “It’s a natural extension of our product line geared to maintain healthy fish and ecosystems year round in various climate zones.”

The TetraPond De-Icer’s natural stone finish blends into the water- and landscapes. 

Toxic gases caused by decaying matter and fish waste can become trapped under the ice. TetraPond® De-Icer keeps an area of the pond ice-free.


  • Releases harmful pond gases
  • Energy-efficient thermostat control saves energy costs by shutting off power when not needed
  • Effective to -20°F (-18°C)
  • 15 foot electrical cord
  • Three year limited warranty
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