TYPAR PREMIUM Landscape Fabric Weed Barrrier (4ft x 300ft) 48”X300'

TYPAR PREMIUM Landscape Fabric Weed Barrrier (4ft x 300ft) 48”X300'
Manufacturer: Reemay / Typar
MPN: 3201-48x300
List Price: $116.71
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Price: $101.49
Typar is ideally suited for landscaping applications. Its permeability allows for fast drainage and the passage of air and fertilizers. Its tight fiber structure minimizes penetration by weeds and roots and prevents unwanted growth beneath the fabric. Its small opening size prevents piping or erosion of subgrade soils. Typar is generally placed over natural soil and covered with a layer of decorative stone, bark or mulch. Weed growth is inhibited in landscaped beds and under decks. Gravel and stone paths retain their structure longer by separating cover materials from subgrade soils.
 • Allows moisture, fertilizers and air to reach soil for healthy plants
 • Reduces weed germination
 • Prohibits weed growth beneath fabric
 • Prevents uneven settling of patios
 • Durable, tear resistant, won’t rot or mildew
 • Lightweight and easy to install
 • Assures long term minimal maintenance of the landscape Landscaping

Typar® Premium Landscape Fabric is the economical choice of many professional landscapers. At 1.9 oz per square yard, this dependable fabric effectively blocks weeds without restricting fertilizers and moisture from getting to the plants. It is recommended that Typar® Premium Landscape Fabric be covered with 3" to 4" of garden mulch or decorative stone.

  • In Garden Areas
  • Under Mulch and Rock
  • Behind Timber Wall Planters
  • Planter and Pot Liners
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