Stonewall Border Decorative Border 10 ft. Slate Gray Finish

Stonewall Border Decorative Border 10 ft.  Slate Gray Finish
Manufacturer: Dalen/Gardeneer
MPN: Dalen-E4-10GY
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Realistic 6 inch high stacked stone wall. The look of real stone without the weight - easy to handle. Easy to install - stack interlocking sections and secure with included 9.5 inch nails - no digging or pounding.

Usage ideas: Create curves, inside and outside corners, tree circles, contain mulch on sloped areas

 StoneWall Borderâ„¢
 StoneWall Border
 1. Define the shape and location where you wish to install the StoneWall Border (e.g. a garden hose works well). Clear the edge area of grass, rocks, roots and other debris, and smooth the ground as much as possible.
StoneWall Border
 2. Lay out Base Pieces and snap all the Top Pieces into the slots on the Base Pieces.

TIP: Alternate the fronts and backs of the Top Piece at random for a more diverse, natural look.

 3. Place the first two assembled sets of Top and Base Pieces on the ground at one end of the project area. StoneWall Border
 4. Install a Bridge Piece to connect the two sets by aligning the holes on the Bridge Piece with the holes at the exposed ends of the Base Piece, and pushing a nail through each hole (or tap with a hammer).

TIP: Again, alternate the fronts and backs of the Bridge Piece at random for a more natural pattern. StoneWall Border
 5. To make inside or outside corners and curves, simply position the Base and Bridge Pieces to conform to your landscaping design.
 StoneWall Border
 6. At the end of a freestanding wall, you may cut off half of the Bridge Piece, which is easily done with a box knife or hand saw (the inside of the Bridge Piece is already indented to facilitate cutting), and install it on the Base Piece with the solid end positioned on the outside.


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