Reflective Scarecrow Tape / Holographic Scare Tape

Reflective Scarecrow Tape / Holographic Scare Tape
Manufacturer: Dalen/Gardeneer
MPN: Dalen-HST-100
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Moving' circular holograms help protect gardens as it flashes in the wind. Helps protect fruit trees, berries and grapevines from thieving birds. Size: 3/4 x 100 inches Usage ideas: Gardens, orchards


  Holographic ScareTape
Holographic ScareTape   Installation Instructions:

- Install poles, stakes or other vertical supports.

- Pull tape out, cut to desired length and attach to vertical supports. [TIP: Twist tape to create 3-4 spirals between supports for maximum reflective effect.]

- Tape can be tied down, but do not staple.

For garden rows:

- Use one strip along each row as close to tops of plants as possible.

- For closely spaced rows, use on alternate rows.

For fruit trees:

- Suspend above tree if possible.

- Otherwise, attach to tree branches running tape across, over and under branches so it's visible from all directions.

For large gardens:

- Surround perimeter of garden with tape.

- Run tape lengthwise and crosswise to form an elevated protective grid (elevate above garden plants with poles or stakes).

  Reflective holographic images flash dramatically in the sunlight as the tape vibrates in the wind.
For Best Results:
  - Install tape just before crops ripen and feeding habits develop.

- Elevate tape 3 ft. over crops so birds can see it from all directions.

- Remove tape when harvest is over to prevent birds from getting used to it.

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