Pro3000 Biological Filter and Falls with Debris Filter UPC 02482

Pro3000 Biological Filter and Falls with Debris Filter UPC 02482
Manufacturer: Danner Mfg. / Pondmaster
MPN: 2482
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• Extra-Wide Spillway for Greater Water Aeration
• Open Swirl Chamber for Even and Efficient Water Flow through the Filter Media
• Mechanical and Biological Filtering for Super-Clean Water
• Easily Buried in Ground to Hide Canister from Sight
• Extra-Large Capacity Designed to Increase Biological Filtration
• Clean Once a Year Under Normal Use

Unit Dimensions 18" L x 16" W x 10" H
Waterfall Width 16" Opening

The Pro 3000 Water Fall unit is designed to be strong enough to resist collapsing from the pressure of soil and water around them. even when empty. It easily supports the weight of stones placed on the upper rim to conceal it. The large capacity of the Waterfall Box means it will hold more filter media, providing greater surface area for bacterial colonization, and therefore more filtering capacity. The large multiple flat surfaces front and back also accommodate a large range of fitting options for maximum versatility in plumbing.

The Biological Filter and Falls is designed to maximize the natural processes that remove harmful levels ammonia from the water. Water pumped into the unit brings dissolved wastes from fish into contact with friendly bacterial colonies on the many surfaces of filter material that is used. The colonies digest, or metabolize, the ammonia making a healthier pond environment.

The Pro 3000 can handle water flows from 1000 to 3000 gallons per hour (GPH)

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