Pondmaster Statuary Pump w/ Built-in Flow Control 140 gph

Pondmaster Statuary Pump w/ Built-in Flow Control  140 gph
Manufacturer: Danner Mfg. / Pondmaster
MPN: 2521
List Price: $51.70
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This Pondmaster Statuary Pump is suitable for small garden fountains, piped statuary, and shallow water conditions. Its unique design gives this pump unmatched versatility. Submerge this pump horizontally or stand it vertically to operate in as little as 1/2" of water. The built-in adjustable flow control allows you to determine the output with the turn of a dial. The included washable foam pre-filter keeps the pump running smoothly. This submersible pump will run quietly and faithfully while operating your water feature. The pump is equipped to accept 3/8" or 1/2" ID vinyl tubing.
MD 1.5 - UPC 02521
• 140 gph maximum flow with a 6' shut-off
• 6' grounded power cord
• can be used in a horizontal or vertical position
• built-in adjustable flow control
• foam pre-filter included


General Info for Danner Pumps:
Supreme Mag-Drive Pumps
have been designed and manufactured using the latest developments in magnetic technology. The pump consists of a power unit encased in water-proof epoxy which creates a magnetic field. This drives a powerful magnetic ceramic impeller, the only moving part, which makes it extremely energy efficient (over 50% savings compared to equivalent conventional pumps). These fish-safe magnetic pumps are virtually maintenance free with no seals to wear out. Sturdy construction from environmentally friendly plastic materials allow submerged operation in freshwater or saltwater.

There are three low capacity models (65, 80 and 140 gph) designed for statuary and small fountains. The Models 250, 350, 500, 700, 950, 1200, 1800, 2400 and 3600 can be used to power external biological filtering systems, waterfalls and large fountain heads. These pond pumps feature an extra long 18 ft. power cord. The 250, 350, 500 and 700 come packaged with a free foam pre-filter, while the larger models have a screen to protect the intake.

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