Pondmaster Skimmer/ Filter System Float

Pondmaster Skimmer/ Filter System Float
Manufacturer: Danner Mfg. / Pondmaster
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Install a skimmer in your pond or water garden without any major alterations or liner cutting. Simply place the Pondmaster PM 2002 Skimmer/Filter System in the bottom of your pond and the unobtrusive floating skimmer will rest just below the water surface. The skimmer will automatically adjust to changes in the water level up to 6" while removing pollen, acorns, leaves, and other debris from the water surface. Together, the base filter and the floating skimmer will work to remove debris from the top, middle, and the bottom of your pond. The base filter features a convenient handle for pulling the system out of the water for cleaning and maintenance. Starter filter pads, a section of 1" reinforced flexible pipe, and a fitting are included to begin using the system immediately. This skimmer/filter system is best suited for 1800-2400 gph pumps and for ponds up to 2000 gallons. The Pondmaster PM 2002 Skimmer/Filter System is ideally suited for the Pond-Mag 18 or Pond-Mag 24. Made in the USA.

• Skims Debris Off Top, Middle & Bottom of the Pond
• Removes Pollen, Acorns, Leaves, etc
• For use with Pumps 1800-2400 Gallons per Hour
• No Liner Cutting, or Major Pond Alterations Necessary
• Convenient Handle for Taking Filter Out of Water
• Non Obtrusive Skimmer Floats just below Water Surface
• Filter Rests on Bottom of Pond
• Suitable for ponds up to 2000 gallons
• self leveling Floating Skimmer adjusts to uneven pond bottom
• aerates water which promotes fish health and activity

Skimmer Basket
• automatic self adjusting Skimmer Basket removes
debris from the pond surface quickly and completely
• allows for 6" of movement to accommodate water level fluctuation


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