Pondmaster ProLine 3750 PLUS Pond Kit with Liner

Pondmaster ProLine 3750 PLUS Pond Kit with Liner
Manufacturer: Danner Mfg. / Pondmaster
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Components to create a 5000 gal pond. Includes: Pro 5000 Skimmer, P4000 Pressurized Filter, Pro 5000 Biological Filter & Falls, Pro Hy Drive. 4800gph pump, 1-1/2” and 2” flex PVC tubing, black foam, and Pond Fix 9oz.

Liner Included -  20’ x 25'


05120 proline 3750 pond kit

Pro 5000 Skimmer from PondMaster

Removes surface debris for ponds up to 500 sqft sur face area. Strong cylindrical shaped housing that resists side cave-ins. Large adjustable 11 “x 7”weir door for maximum skimming with fish- safe wings. Can fit up to two pumps to feed two waterfalls from the same skimmer. Large removable debris basket, Accommodates most pumps up to 8000 gph. Maximum bulkhead placement versatility with fittings for 1-1 /2”and 2” flex tubing. Measures approximately 24”diameter x 26” high.

Pro Bilogical Filter and Falls

Complete Waterfall Filtration
System that filters and aerates
the water while creating the beauty of a waterfall or stream. Extra wide spillway. Open swirl chamber. Three separate filtering actions. 1 1/2” bulkhead and 1 1/2”fittings.  #02490 - up to 5000 gph - 18” x 18” x 20”w/ 18”opening

Pondmaster Pro Hy-Drive Waterfall Pumps

Unique, high-capacity pumps combine the benefits of magnetic- and direct-drive technologies to deliver extremely quiet, energy efficient, low maintenance pumping source. Heavy-duty enclosure has a built-in Polypropylene enclosure has a built-in carry handle and an effective molded-in debris screen. Can be positioned vertically or horizontally — submersed or inline. 1-1/2”MPT outlet and check valve. 20’ cord. 1 yr manufacturer’s warranty.
4800 gph - 280 watts - max lift 20’

Pondmaster Pressurized Filter System

• agitator unlocks waste from media, saving the amount of water discharged during backwash and rinse cycles

• three-way master valve locks into “run”, “rinse” and “backwash” settings

• clear view inspection port to monitor water clarity

• reusable BIO-MATRIX media affords maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria growth (also available separately)

• 1-1/2” MPT inlet/outlet


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