Koi Vibrance – Floating Fish Food - 8.27 lbs.

Koi Vibrance  – Floating Fish Food -  8.27 lbs.
Manufacturer: Tetra (Pond)
MPN: TetraPond-16491
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This floating stick is an ideal diet for koi and brightens the colors of all pond fish. It has natural color enhances and stabilized vitamin C. Use in late spring, summer and early fall. It blends both animal and vegetable proteins to ensure complete nutritional value. The sticks soften immediately in water to release strong appetite stimulants and remains edible in water for a long time, for less mess and water pollution. Completely digestible, ideal for all sized koi.

Clear water, and healthy, stunning fish Tetra Koi Vibrance Sticks are a healthy, balanced diet specifically formulated for koi fish. Because of their special needs, this food dissolves quickly in the water and is very easily digestible. Enjoy the bright coloration of your fish, which this food helps maximize, as well For vibrant, happy koi, try Tetra Koi Vibrance
Good for all sizes of pond fish.
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