Heated Pet Mat - Medium - 90- Watts 17 X 24 by Farm Innovators

Heated Pet Mat - Medium - 90- Watts 17 X 24 by Farm Innovators
Manufacturer: Farm Innovators
List Price: $90.99
You save $22.75
Price: $68.24
Farm Innovators Heated Pet Mats: Constructed of durable and weather resistant high impact ABS plastic. Designed to automatically heat to your pet's body temperature range to keep them warm during the cold season. Thermostatically controlled to help maintain your pet's body temperature. Custom built-in red indicator light turns on and off showing when the unit is warming. Heavy duty 'Anti-Chew' Cord Protector to detour your pet from chewing.
These Plastic Heated Pet Mats are offered in three sizes: small, medium and large. The unique design eliminates 'hot spot' problems common with other plastic mats. This exclusive feature means these Plastic Mats can be covered with any material. The mat is designed for use in dog houses, garages or any place your pet needs warmth. Excellent for adding warmth and comfort for your new puppy's homecoming. Heats to approx. 98-100º, will not fluctuate. The Heated Pet Mats are designed for indoor and outdoor use. The units are totally water tight with a sealed bottom making them totally safe for outdoor use in the backyard, garage or patio.
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