Heartwood High Cotton - Natural with Multi Colored Roof 181C

Heartwood High Cotton - Natural with Multi Colored Roof 181C
Manufacturer: Heartwood
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High ceilings are all the rage so why not offer it to your birds as well? Vintage look bird house comes in many colors. Complete with 1 1/4" hole with drainage and clean out built in.  Old times are definitely not forgotten. The Vintage Series 2 High Cotton features whimsical multicolored shingled with a gently sloping roof and distinctive styles face.
Dimensions: 6"W x 21"H x 6"D
Made In USA

View All Heartwood Birdhouses and Butterfly HousesHeartwood birdhouses are crafted in the USA. The primary birdhouse house material is naturally rot-resistant domestic cypress wood that is a scrap byproduct of lumber bound for furniture factories. All paints are industrial grade, non-toxic, acrylic latex designed for outdoor durability. The distinctive cypress shingle roofs, which are specially tapered, dog eared, and stone washed, give Heartwood birdhouses a custom look and lifelong durability.
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