Heartwood Aqua Duck - Cypress/Wooden Roof 160A

Heartwood Aqua Duck - Cypress/Wooden Roof 160A
Manufacturer: Heartwood
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Top Quality Cypress Construction makes this Duck makes this floating duck house a mansion for your feathered friends. Easy assembly with easy to follow instructions plus a bag of wood shavings makes an ideal start of a nest to cozy things up inside. beautifully constructed 42" square deck with walk up moat makes entering this abode super easy.
Made In USA

View All Heartwood Birdhouses and Butterfly HousesHeartwood birdhouses are crafted in the USA. The primary birdhouse house material is naturally rot-resistant domestic cypress wood that is a scrap byproduct of lumber bound for furniture factories. All paints are industrial grade, non-toxic, acrylic latex designed for outdoor durability. The distinctive cypress shingle roofs, which are specially tapered, dog eared, and stone washed, give Heartwood birdhouses a custom look and lifelong durability.
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