GRASS FAST Protective Seedling Cover 10 ft. x 15 ft.

GRASS FAST Protective Seedling Cover 10 ft. x 15 ft.
Manufacturer: Dalen/Gardeneer
MPN: Dalen-GF1015
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Traps heat and moisture to speed and increase seed germination. Ideal for slopes and difficult areas. Easier to use and more effective than straw. Size: 10'x15' Usage ideas: Newly-sown grass, sloped areas, can also use as garden cover.


 Retains warmth and moisture as it vents excess heat, which increases and speeds seed germination. Stops erosion as well as insect, bird, and animal damage. Helps prevent frost damage in gardens allowing for a longer growing season.

For new lawns and spot sowing:

- Loosen the soil of the planting area with a garden rake or hoe.

- Add fertilizer or lime as required before seeding for best results.

- Apply seeds, rake into the loosened soil and then lightly pack the soil.

- Spread Cover evenly over seeded area, but do not stretch tight.

- Secure Cover to ground every 6-8 ft. using Garden Staples™, nails, rocks, etc.

- Water thoroughly through the Cover, keeping soil moist for 5 to 7 days.

Securing Cover:

- When using Garden Staples™, stones or wooden strips, simply affix cover to ground.

- When using pegs, stakes, or nails, fold material twice so that four "layers" of material are penetrated for good holding strength.

For fertilizing newly-planted grass:

- After grass has substantially germinated, liquid or water-soluble fertilizer may be applied without removing Cover.

- Use a Hose Fertilizer-Sprayer to apply fertilizer directly through Cover and follow directions on fertilizer package.

 Use for spring and fall seeding - DO NOT USE SEEDLING COVER IN THE HEAT OF THE SUMMER.
For Best Results:
 - Water immediately at the first sign of drying.

- Do not lift/remove Cover until roots are developed enough to prevent pulling up the grass.

- If grass begins growing through Cover, gently lift Cover straight up to disengage blades of grass from the fabric (if grass pulls up, wait a week until roots are more firmly established).

- Cover can be left on to encourage growth and protect seedlings until grass is well established (several inches high).

- Remove when daytime temperatures reach 85 degrees F or higher.

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