Birdie's Diner Medium Mixed Seed Feeder

Birdie's Diner Medium Mixed Seed Feeder
Manufacturer: Heath Manufacturing
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This fun, retro-styled bird feeder compliments any yard decor. Feeder features full perimeter seed tray to capture the mess and minimize waste. 6 feeding stations. Stylish sun catcher hang chain. Brushed Chrome Finish. Birdie's Diner makes a great gift!

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: For best results, hang your Heath Wild Bird Feeder 5 - 6 feet above the ground, from a tree limb or on a wire strung between two supports. To discourage squirrels, a Heath hanging squirrel baffle is recommended. (Model HB-1) Initially, you may wish to hang your feeder away from the house, then as birds become familiar with it, move it closer for better viewing. Wild birds will enjoy your feeder throughout seasons. By keeping your feeder filled with the foods birds love, your yard will become an attractive wild bird habitat. Always fill with premium mixed or all-sunflower seed.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: To help reduce the possibility of disease transmission in birds, clean feeders and feeding areas at least once a month. Plastic feeders can go in the dishwasher, or rinse these and other styles with a 10% solution of bleach and warm water. It's good hygiene to wash your hands after filling or cleaning feeders.

Feeder Dimensions: 15" H x 5.25" W x 5.25" D
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