Audubon Butterfly House Shelter Hibernation Box

Audubon Butterfly House Shelter Hibernation Box
Manufacturer: Woodlink - Audubon
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The front of this box is laser-etched with a beautiful design of butterflies and flowers. It is made of 3/4” kiln-dried, natural cedar, zinc chromate screws, full length anodized aluminum hinges and a 12 oz copper roof that is individually cut, bent, hand fitted and glued. The side opens for easy cleaning. It measures 8” x 5.5” x 14.75” tall.

The Butterfly Hibernation Box is designed with the intention of simulating the natural and existing crevices in which butterflies hibernate. These conditions are found in various live tree bark, old wood piles, fallen timber and buildings with wooden features.  The side can be easily opened for observation and maintenance.

Flowers may be planted in the area surrounding this Hibernation Box which will help attract butterflies. This shelter can also be used for resting and over wintering.

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