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Backyard Birding and Wildlife
Large selection for your backyard habitat. Bird houses, feeders, bird seed, bird baths and more for other wildlife.
Deer / Animal Control and Repellents
Why continue to allow critters to nibble, munch, burrow and destroy your landscape gardens and plants...and deer control is at the top of the list.
Watering Equipment
Rain Barrels, garden hose, sprayers, sprinklers, timers and other irrigation equipment to contoll the transport of water.

Also, Hose Storage and Hose Reels
Lawn and Garden Care
Keep your landscape and plants healthy and looking better with lawn and plant fertilizers, weed and disease controls.
Pond and Water Gardens
Enjoy the beauty and tranquility of water features
Create a lasting water feature with our pond building supplies, maintenance supplies and accessories, including tubing, sterilizers, and liners, along with many fittings, couplings, and connectors.
Pots, Planters and Containers
Flower boxes, pots and planters for your garden or in the home and office. Choose from light weight resin planting containers to coco lined baskets.
One of the greatest things about lawn and garden decor is that it's as changeable as your garden itself. The styles are always different and some of the newest and most creative technologies go unnoticed by garden lovers. However, even the most old-fashioned gardens have a place in yard and garden decor. It's all about showing off the best features of your home and creating curb appeal.
Landscape Lawn & Garden Tools
Choose from a wide selection for any landscape gardening job...such as: rakes, wheelbarrows, spreaders, shovels, digging spades, pruning and trimming tools.